About Us

Our beginning
From our humble beginnings, with only a single sugar polish, we've progressed to more than a dozen skincare products! It all began in November of 2016, I was volunteering with Happy Bottoms an organization that provides diaper assistance to families in need. This volunteer experience inspired me to create a holiday gift that donated diapers with the purchase of my handmade sugar polish. The Give-Back sugar polishes were very popular and my father Wayne offered to help me fulfill orders. Over the many weeks making pounds of polish, we realized that we really enjoyed working together and my father asked if I wanted to do this as a business. We both realized we were creating more than a sugar polish, we were helping our community and it filled us with a sense of purpose. Our journey has been very rewarding and it allows us to spend quality time together.
A Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation 
In order to elevate our skills we needed to go back to school and learn how to formulate and create more advanced emulsions. There is a lot of chemistry involved that we needed to learn. Skincare formulation takes months to know if a formula is stable and effective. Our Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation from Formula Botanica, an award-winning and accredited international institution, has equipped us with the knowledge to formulate quality, high-end facial and body skincare products. Our ongoing education helps us provide our customers with effective products for their skincare routines. 
The Balm Box
We are thrilled to be involved in the Balm Box, a subscription and specialty gift box that provides functional support products that help and heal! Our Botanical Burn Balm and two scent-free, all-natural body creams were formulated to relieve the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.