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The Father/Daughter Duo

I have keratosis pilaris on my arms and this is the only thing that has helped with it. I use it every morning and every night, and it also has done wonderful things for my 4 year old son's eczema! A little goes a LONG way. I will never use another lotion again!

Victoria BognerMoisturizing Body Cream

The PYP Lavender Mint balm has changed the lip game for me. I have tried every brand of lip balm, but my lips always eventually dried out and flake. This balm is amazing! It lasts all day, even under a mask all day, and is a treat to taste every time I refresh it. My lips have never felt softer or more supple!

Catie BrennanLip Lovin' Butter

I LOVE this stuff! I've always struggled with oily skin and having a shine leftover after I use any moisturizer. This serum moisturizes without leaving an oily appearance! I know it's filled with ingredients that are good for my skin!

Megan McFaddenRevitalizing Face Serum

I love this product!!! It is so easy to travel with: just throw it in your carry on and mid-flight you can moisturize and relax with a wonderful fragrance! No messy lotion bottle to explode in your suitcase! Love Love Love!!!

Christine LambleSkin Lovin' Balm

The exfoliating body polishes have done wonders for my extremely dry, cracked hands in the winter. It works way better than any lotion I've tried, and an added bonus is that it feels like I'm treating myself to a spa day each time I use it. I also have peace and mind using these products, and even sharing them with my kids, knowing they are vegan with natural ingredients and I love that the owners give back to the community. These products make the perfect gifts. I'm so glad I learned about Polish Your Parts!

Jenni MillerBody Polish